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Printing t-shirts, action shots, local custom shirts and tees. Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada.

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You betcha!

Here are a few links to catalogs of some items available from us. We’ll have our e-commerce site setup soon, which will include everything we sell.









You betcha!  We have several local artists working for us and can handle a range of issues from small touch ups to full blown re-creations and re-designs.  We treat each job individually so please contact us for more information.
You can order by contacting us. We will need information like the type of apparel you seek, colors, sizes, graphics, and print locations. Researching and choosing these details in advance will help us process your order quickly. You can see what brands and items we carry by visiting our store, where you can select what you are interested in and submit the potential order for a quote. We will then contact you to discuss your needs.
Yes. Many brands that we carry vary between sizes so it’s important to provide correct sizing charts, which we do! Sizing information is displayed on our product pages.
We accept all major credit and debit cards, PayPal, cash, cheques (will need to be cleared before shipping), money orders, wire transfers and even bit coins. You can also earn Vicinity rewards here at Pitbull Printing!
If your item isn’t being delivered locally, you will be provided with a tracking number that can be checked on the website of the corresponding postal service.
In a word, quickly! We’re not a conventional 9-5 business and can print around the clock to put your order in your hands as fast as possible. Our turnaround time depends on a few variables such as how many orders are in queue (we try our best to keep it low), the size and difficulty of your order, and if your apparel has to be specially stocked. We only stock common colors, sizes and styles so it may take some extra time for us to receive your blank apparel from our distributors.
Yes. We ship everywhere and can offer you a choice of postal services. Contact us if you wish to order from outside Canada.
Most places don’t do this but yes, that can be arranged. It takes a bit of work to produce your first item but we realize that you might like to see it before spending your hard earned money, so we will make it happen. But keep in mind that if you receive a sample, even if you don’t place a full order, you will be required to pay for the initial setup and first item, as well as a possible re-stocking fee if the order isn’t typical (small sizes, uncommon colors, etc.).
We usually keep screens for about a week after delivery, but if we do hold the screens you’ll save a few bucks on the next order for that design, so be sure to request that we keep them if you plan on reusing the screens.
If the image is copyrighted you will need permission from the owner.  If you have an image that you found online that is general domain then we can print them.
The other main factor here is image size. If the image is the size of a matchbook and you want a full size front shirt print of it, the would be very jagged and pixelated. Just zoom in on the picture of it, if you see jagged edges, it will need some work before it’s useful. We can recreate most graphics but there is a fee that varies on how much time it takes to recreate. If the image is large and mostly text then the process is usually quick and we may not have to charge for it. We have lots of tricks up our sleeves for fixing and remaking graphics but in general, the smaller the file, the more work it will take to be usable. Please contact us and attach your graphic for inspection if you are unsure.
Screen printing is a technique that takes some time and supplies to setup before we can print. Each color that is required for a graphic must first be printed on transparent film. The film is then placed on a screen which has been coated in emulsion before it is exposed to light and washed out. This process creates a usable stencil for a single color print and each additional color has to go through the same process. Once this is done for a couple of colors the screens are lined up on the press in identical locations so each color is in the appropriate spot. All of this is done for every color before we mix the ink. Once the screens are made, registered on the press, taped off and finally, coated with ink, then we can begin printing. Accordingly, more colors = more money.
We sure can.
We provide a range of jerseys from several manufacturers and can customize them with your team logo on the front, as well as adding the names and numbers of players to the back or arms. The price depends on the jersey chosen, the order size, jersey sizes, the type of appliqués (vinyl, rhinestones, embroidery, foil, etc.), how many locations are needed (3 is typical – logo, name and number), and if any additional artwork adjustments need to be performed.
Let us know the above information and we’ll get you a quote as soon as possible.
Short answer – Between $5.00 and $20.00 each.
Long answer – There are many variables that affect the price of shirts including :
See the links below for more information.
We have no order size requirements. We’ll print single items! But there is a catch. If single shirts were screen printed, they would cost you quite a bit due to the work involved but we can use a different process for very small orders, to make it more reasonable for you.
Please contact us for more information.
The price for 1 shirt depends on a few things.   For single shirts, we don’t use our typical method, (screen printing) as there is a fair amount of time needed to setup and the price would be too high.
For single tees, we use special dyes, which are applied to the fabric using a combination of high force and temperature.
 There are a couple of factors that affect the price.  One factor is the size of the shirt as  sizes 2XL and up typically cost a dollar or 2 more than small through X-Large.  Another factor is the color of the shirt.  Also, darker shirts use different materials than lighter shirts.
 If you’d like a quote, please let us know what size and color shirt you’d like and send the graphic file to us.
The hand feel of our print ranges from a thick plastisol to a very thin water based print that has no feel at all. This type of printing is only possible on cotton garments as the ink essentially bleaches the natural fabric fibers and deposits ink pigments into the fabric.  We also use heat pressing for single or small item orders, these typically feel a little thicker.

Alo Sport
American Apparel
Ash City
Bella + Canvas
Calvin Klien
Coal Harbour
Code Five
Core 365
Cozy Creek
Devon & Jones
District Made
Dry Duck
Dyenomite Apparel
Eddie Bauer

Fruit of the Loom
Il Migliore
King Athletics
M&O Knit
New Balance
New Era

Next Level
North End
North End Sport Blue
Outdoor Cap
Rabbit Skins
Royal Apparel
Solieil De Nuit
Sport Red
Spun Bamboo
Team 365
Team Sportsman

It depends on whether we have the items in stock, how detailed the job is, and how busy we are. Print times vary from 1 day to 2 weeks and possibly longer depending on the order size and difficulty.  If you have a deadline, please make us aware of it right away and we’ll do everything we can to meet it.
You can supply your own garments but it would most likely be cheaper if we provided them to  you.  We pay wholesale and a portion of our profit is a slight markup on those prices. We must add a fee to make up for the lost profits as our printing prices alone are too low. Also, because screen printing is a delicate process, there is a possibility that not every garment will turn out perfect. We can’t be responsible for replacing customer supplied garments if there is a misprint. When shirts are supplied by Pitbull Printing we replace any misprints free of charge. If you have any other questions, please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer.
You bet!
We have a pantone color matching system in place where we can take your PMS number and mix the appropriate inks together to achieve  your specific color.   If you don’t know your PMS color number(s), we have pantone color swatch books which can be used find your number and ink recipe.
 Keep in mind that colors vary in appearance on monitors and phone  screens. What a graphic looks like on your screen may very well look  different on ours, so there’s a slight possibility that the print may look a little different than what you see on  your computer, phone or tablet.
No problem!
For example, you can have 15 blue prints, 15 red prints and 15 black prints of the same design on a white t-shirt. The cost for switching colors is $5 per color. This cost is a 1 time fee (per color) to cover the time spent cleaning screens, replacing tape and adding the new ink.
We can print on most kinds of apparel ranging from cotton to polyester and everything in between including triblends such as American Apparel, Bella Canvas and other high end garments. We also offer embroidery services for putting logos on hats, toques,  hoodies, patches, even socks!
Another service we provide is sublimation. This is a process of using special ink and heat to apply a graphic to items such as mugs,  plates, cell phone cases, hats and much more.
We’re always up for a challenge so if you want a graphic placed on anything, don’t hesitate to ask.
Embroidery and Sublimation services are currently on hold.
 Not at this time but we can do multiple location prints if your design requires graphics on hoodie sleeves,  fronts, backs, hoods, sides,  wherever you want. There is a fee for each additional location, please contact us for more information. Thanks!
You can have different designs in one order but each design requires a totally different setup. This takes time and each design is essentially a new job for us but we have some tricks up our sleeves and if we can save you some money, we will. Please let us know ahead of time if you hope to get a price break on an order of several designs. Thanks!